Shed Replacement Project

Last updated: 3:00PM October 8, 2018

Total estimated cost: $7925
Fund raising goal: $8800
Total funds raised: $9450
 Shed Shares: $7500
 Donations: $1950

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Latest News

November 5, 2018

Electrical work is still pending.

Repayment of prior donations and shed shares has been completed. Please cash or deposit your repayment check as soon as you can. The money needs to be clear of our accounts before the end of the year and the funds are pre-allocated to the checks (not available for club use) anyway.

Work on the plaque is underway.

October 8, 2018

Electrical work is still pending.

As announced in group email, Warren Wagner has made a large donation to the club that covers the full amount of the shed construction, electrical, and associated accessories. This very generous gift will allow us to pay back all shed shares loans as well as all prior donations for the shed project and free the club from project associated debt going into 2019. Further details will be discussed at the October 10, 2018 club meeting (at Walt's!).

September 13, 2018

Code inspector has sent out the Certificate of Compliance. Concrete floor was sealed. Shed is starting to be used now.

Electrical work will be happening over the next couple weeks. Help may be needed. Watch this space and email for updates on that.

September 3, 2018

The shed was delivered and installed on August 27th.

The capital improvement form was accepted and filled out by CCI, so we were not charged tax on the structure.

The code inspector will be contacted soon and final inspection completed. Electrical work will begin shortly after. We may need to get that electrical work inspected at our cost.

August 24, 2018

The shed is scheduled for delivery and installation on Monday, August 27!

The crew is expected to be there sometime before noon. Parking in the lot will likely be limited while they are on-site.

Because it is a capital improvement being installed by a third party contractor, the paperwork was submitted for Tax exemption and the company has confirmed taxes will not be charged.

There will be some wrap up work to be done after the shed is installed, but that is likely to done sometime shortly after the Airshow. More will be posted on that later.

August 6, 2018

The company installing the shed has been contacted recently. Current estimated installation date is late August. Nothing more specific yet.

As was brought up at recent club meetings, since this is being installed by a third party it does now qualify as a capital improvement and as such is eligible for tax free status. The correct form has been provided to the company and they are filing it so our cost will be lower than initially budgeted. Given the rock and concrete came in a bit over budget we should end up on track with original project estimates.

June 20, 2018

The concrete pad is in! And there was enough remaining to fill in the two end cap forms on the drainage pipe. Big thanks to Phil Knapp, his buddy Travis, John McMakin, Michael Worth, Jeff LaPorte, Ed Nans, and everyone that helped out.

The plan is for the forms to be left in place for a week or so while the cement cures. The building company has been contacted and we are tentatively scheduled for sometime in the mid to late August timeframe. We will avoid scheduling for the time around the Airshow. More news when we get it.

June 19, 2018

The weather report looks good and we have enough people signed up to work, the concrete pour is scheduled for Wednesday, June 20th at 1PM. All volunteers please be at the club by 12:45PM. Park to the west and north of the driveway, like we do for the Airshow and other events, so the truck can get into the parking lot and maneuver. Please contact Ed Nans with questions. If you want to help but did not sign up, please show up!

June 17, 2018

Tentative concrete pour date set for Wednesday, June 20 sometime around 1pm (time subject to change). Please read the June 14th update for details on what jobs need to be filled. Please contact Ed Nans to sign up for the work crew. His contact info is / 315-440-1710. IF we don't get enough people signed up we will have to postpone the pour.

June 14, 2018

Code inspector has been contacted and site inspection should happen today. Wire mesh has been put in place and is in the process of being suspended off the ground near the middle of the form height. Once the inspector signs-off a target date for the concrete pour will be selected and we will communicate that to the membership for people to sign up for the work crew. The target date will be selected a week or so in advance in order to get a crew together. We anticipate that the concrete company will only need a day or two of lead-time for delivery scheduling. Ed will be finding that out for sure as he calls around for up-to-date quotes.

In order to do the concrete pour we will need to get a minimum of 6 people together. Two people will be handling the screeding. One or two will be in the form moving concrete mix as it's poured and filling into low spots where the screeders need it, and making sure the mesh is still properly placed in the middle of the slab height. A person using the float to smooth things out behind the screeding board. And then another person or two to knock the form boards (eliminate air gaps in the concrete around the form) and run the perimeter with the edging trowel. Once the concrete starts to take a set, we will also need people to get on hands and knees, supported on pieces of plywood, to trowel the surface in order to get a smoothed finish.

The more people we get the better, since that will allow for getting a faster setting, stronger cement mix and allow swapping people on the various jobs as people need a break.

June 11, 2018

The building permit was granted and is now posted on the inside of a window facing out toward the site. Stone work has been completed and concrete forms are in the process of being put in place. Wire mesh has been procured for use through the interior of the slab (no rebar). A site inspection must happen after the forms and mesh are in place, before the concrete pour is scheduled. Continued thanks to Phil Knapp and Bill Whittaker, as well as LLoyd Darrohn and Jeff LaPorte and others who have been helping to get the project to where it is!

We'll be letting people know when the concrete pour is going to happen. It will be helpful to have some people on hand that day to help. The plan is to get a relatively fast setting mix since it will result in a stronger, more durable slab, but that means we'll need to work quickly once it starts getting poured.

June 1, 2018

Site preparation has been underway for a few weeks now. Bill Whittaker and Phil Knapp have been working hard clearing top soil, putting down underlayment cloth and rock, tamping and rolling. Some old ill-installed drainage was discovered in the area which was dug up. Replacement sections under the slab have been put in place and there are plans to complete the drainage replacement around the site when the structure is completed. Ed Nans has put in for a building permit and we expect that to be issued soon. The work done to date is fine without a permit having been issued, according to the code enforcement office.

One more layer of stone will be being put in place and tamped before concrete forms and mesh are stood up. The code inspector will need to inspect the forms and site before we can do the concrete pour for the pad. Bill and Phil have been doing most of their work during the day. If you have time to help: bring boots, gloves and a shovel, rake, or tamper and come down to help out. One of the cameras will be redirected toward the building site to help people know when work is being done and what tools and skills might be needed.

We will be communicating to the club when the concrete pour is scheduled. On that day we will need a group of at least 6 (more is better) members on site to help. More details to follow.

The building supplier has been contacted and a deposit made to secure our order and pricing. We cannot schedule the building delivery and installation until the pad is poured (or at least the pour is scheduled).


Update: Following a vote at the May meeting, the project building plan was changed to use a metal structure building supplier. The structure will be 26'x18' and installation is included with the price. Overall budget increased slightly, but the benefit of not having to construct the building ourselves was deemed worth the minimal increased cost. Also, by having it installed by others the building can be considered a capital improvement which should allow us to not pay tax on the structure. This would negate any budget increase associated with the change.

Total project cost estimate is $7925, with a contingency element of $875. This is for a 16'x24' wood framed kit building with 9ft walls and a 12'x8ft' garage door to be delivered ($5907), as well as delivery of stone and mixed concrete for the foundation and floor ($1617). This will also cover procurement of hardware, electrical and other anticipated supplies. All labor for foundation prep, slab pouring, and building construction is to be supplied by club membership. We have lines on the tools and machines typically needed for this kind of project (bobcats, loaders, excavators, trowels, floats, roofing and framing tools, etc.).

Project is to be funded through donations and a "Shed Shares" program whereby club membership (associate, family, and open) can lend money to STARS for the project in any number of $50 increments. Each $50 increment shall be represented by a "Shed Share". Construction and purchases associated with the project will not commence until we have raised enough money to fully fund the project. Each share will be repaid by the club on a randomized draw basis, as the club's treasury fund will support, as determined by the club treasurer. There is no fixed schedule for repayment of the shares. This funding and repayment plan is akin to what was done during the purchase of the second parcel of land, though on a smaller scale.

Fund raising for the project will not commence until the Open members of the club have voted to approve it. A vote for project and fundraising approval is to be held at the February 14th club meeting. The loaning of a share, or offering of a donation, to the project will include a signed form attesting agreement to the terms described below.

Addendum: Now that fundraising goal has been achieved, we will no longer be accepting Shed Shares loans toward the project, only donations.

Look below in the Participating section for the donation/loan participation form and details on how to be a part of the fund raising effort for this project.

Details: The Building

Image of old shed being replaced

As has been discussed within the club and at meetings the past few months, the shed at the far west side of the property is in a bad state and we need to either repair it or build a new structure. A new structure is desired by the field committee and the board of directors agrees. A new structure will allow for storage of the new reel mower with adequate room to spare, allowing indoor, all-weather maintenance on the new mower, as well as the pull behind reel set and the other implements the field committee uses throughout the year.

Image showing where new building will be

The plan is to put the new building to the south of the red shed that's near the pavilion. There will be about 12' of space between the existing shed and the new building both for fire protection as well as for moving equipment, tables, etc. between the two structures. The proposed building is 16ft x 24ft. To better accommodate the the height and width of the new reel mower and lessen chance of damage to either the mower or the building, the walls will be 9ft tall, allowing for a 12ft wide by 8ft tall garage door, placed in the center of the long side of the building facing the parking lot. There will be no windows or other doors.

The building, as proposed, will be a kit delivered by 84 Lumber which the club membership will have to construct. Pre-built or contractor built options were cost prohibitive. The estimate provided by 84 Lumber for the structure proposed is $5907. This would include wood framing, pre-fab trusses, T1-11 type sheathing (like we have on the pavilion), all roofing materials and shingles, the garage door, track, springs, etc. as well as an allowance for fasteners, nails, and other hardware. The price also covers freight and delivery cost.

We will also need to prepare the ground for the building. This will include digging off a layer of topsoil and achieving level grade, filling with various sizes of stone to create a solid foundation on the type of soil and moisture levels we have and at a height suitable to keep the slab out of the flooding we can get. Then framing and pouring a concrete slab for the building floor. We have priced out stone fill and mixed concrete from a couple of local suppliers and estimate the total cost for foundation and slab materials (and delivery) will be $1617.

Lastly there will be some electrical materials needed to supply a small subpanel in the new building, wall outlets, lighting, etc.

For more information on the cost estimates, building and materials specs, building permits and codes requirements, please look at the documents linked at the end of this page.

Pre-built/contractor-built and kit delivered buildings were investigated. Costs associated with anything but a kit delivered building where club members build the structure were cost prohibitive. Similarly pricing for a contractor to do the foundation and slab work was also cost prohibitive. We have a great deal of know-how and experience in the membership of the club, as well as many hands to help in each phase of the project. We should not have a problem tackling this project ourselves, as has been done on the pavilion and shed projects in years past.

Details: The Money

Funding for this project will be done through donations and a "Shed Shares" loan program, similar to what was done when the club purchased the second parcel of land. Each share will be $50, and will represent that the member has loaned $50 to the club. All club members will be encouraged to participate in as many shares (or donate as much) as they wish. No purchasing or construction for this project will be started until we have full funding for the project. If we do not raise enough money, alternate proposals will be considered and voted upon. If no project ends up being started all funds will be refunded to the donors and Shed Share participants. However, assuming a project is commenced, all collected funds will be held and used for funding of the project. Donations will be used first and then Shed Shares loan funds. After the project is complete, any left over Shed Shares funds will be repaid immediately via the lottery system, described below. Project donations and Shed Shares loans will be kept separate from the general operating fund of the club and will be used for no other purpose.

The treasurer will determine when the club treasury has enough in it to repay shares. There is no set schedule for repayment of shares. Participation in the Shed Shares program is effectively an unlimited term, 0% interest loan of that money to the club for the purpose of completing the shed project. All Shed Share loans will be unsecured, non-recourse, and not collateralized. While all efforts will be made to repay the Shed Shares as fast as possible, the treasurer has discretion to determine when and how much funds are available for repayment.

Shares will be repaid on a randomized draw/lottery system. Upon commencement of the project, all of the Shed Shares will have a randomized repayment number assigned to them and will be paid back in that randomized order. When funds are made available by the treasurer for repayment of Shed Shares (or there are funds left over at the end of the project), the next set of shares in that randomized order will be paid. As such, people who purchase more than 1 share will have higher odds of having one of their shares paid back in any given repayment traunch, but they have no greater chance than anyone else of being fully paid back by any given time.

In the event a member leaves the club, the repayment scheme does not change. The member has the option to forfeit the repayment of any of their outstanding Shed Shares (making them into donations), but they will not get preference for early repayment nor is the club obligated to repay immediately upon their leaving the club membership.

Members have the option of donating, with the club's thanks, any amount to the project. However, the only funds for the project which will be repaid are through the participation in Shed Shares and they will only be offered for $50 each. For instance, if you wish to lend $75 to the project, you cannot. You may lend $50 in the form of a Shed Share loan, and offer a donation of $25. If you want to lend $160 to the project, you cannot. You may participate in 3 shares at $50 each, and donate $10.

Shed Shares participation and lottery repayment order will remain confidential such that only the club officers will have access to that information. The only information that will be publicly available will be the aggregate funding totals, broken down into donations and Shed Shares amounts, and total Shed Shares repayments made. Shed Share holders can inquire as to their repayment order numbers.

Details: The Caveats

1) The estimates are all based on late 2017 market conditions for materials, delivery costs, etc. We will need to update these estimates as we get closer to the anticipated start date in order to make sure we're still on track to having the funding needed.

2) We are still investigating other options, such as a metal building. This may get us some cost savings.

3) Some building parameters can be changed, such as wall height, the size of the garage door, shorter soffets and roof overhangs, etc. in order to reduce costs if we are unable to reach funding the building project as proposed.


The form for making a donation to the project is located at:

These forms will be available at the club pavilion and at club meetings. You may also print out the form yourself. You may fill out the form and submit with loan and/or donation amount (checks are preferred) to a club officer (Treasurer preferred) at any club meeting or by mail:

Herb Moore
645 Gilbert Mills Road
Fulton, NY 13069

Checks should be made payable to: S.T.A.R.S.

Upon receipt the officer will sign and date the form and (if not done in person) email you a copy of the countersigned document for your records. If you wish to submit funds in cash you must do so in-person to a club officer.

84 Lumber Quote
Storage Shed Proposal Document